An Invitation – Come & See

Every Friday afternoon, we invite the kids to come see with us….see what Jesus has to offer.  In John 1, John the Baptist says, “Look, the Lamb of God!”; Jesus says “come & you will see”; later Phillips says to Nathanael, “come & see”. 

It’s an invitation to see, to see Jesus.  This invitaiton can be accepted or rejected.  To accept it is dangerous as it involves radical change, abandoned commitment, and calculated cost.  To reject it means negating yourself the greatest love one can ever receive; turning your back on the gift of eternal life; shutting off the fountain of life that can fill you with a peace and joy that is beyond comprehension.  It’s an invitation that requires thought and oppenness to total transformation. 

It’s our prayer, cry, hope that the kids will accept not only our inviation each Friday, but also Christ’s invitation to see…to see greater things.


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