“Exegesis y Hermeneutica” by Juan Jose Barreda Toscano*

What does your Book say about me?

Of my hunger, of the misery killing me as my life advances? 

What does your book say about my fears? 

About the violence that surrounds me, about the marginalization I suffer for being indigenous?

Why can’t I dream? 

Why am I destined to suffer?

Why does my wailing mean nothing to others?

What does your Book say? 

Does it say something about my illness?

Can it tell you why my Dad gets drunk only to later cry and cry?

My mother says that God is sleeping. 

Ha!… the pastor got mad at her. 

Actually, I do not know what to say…I have never seen God. 

They say he is love, and I’m hungry;

They say he is justice and I suffer violence;

They say he is true and I live with harshness;

They say he is hope and I do not know because I’ve never seen him.

Answer me, I want to know:  What does your Book say about me?  

(*original written in Spanish)


Frankly, this poem leaves me speachless and makes me wonder what questions and thoughts go on inside the kids heads when we talk to them about God and his love and care for them when their reality is so harsh and cruel.  The Book has alot to say about them and their worth as well as what our response should be.


2 thoughts on ““Exegesis y Hermeneutica” by Juan Jose Barreda Toscano*

  1. Hi, my name is Juan José Barreda Toscano. The Book is the Bible. Many of us talk about serve God teaching His Word but ours feet are so far from the place where Jesus said that he will be. I wonder what does the kids in the streets or in danger situation of domestic violence thinks about the guys who goes every sunday or another days more to a meeting in a building called church, but they don´t show any interest in their pain and suffering. Or maybe, kids in the streets really wants to know what themes we studie, how we read the Bible, which ones are the ways we can develop a faith that can´t do anything, or worse, that hurt them with our interpretions of the Bible and our ways to live as christians. I was thinking on it when I wrote this poem. Grettings.

    • Thank you for your poem…and your explanation of it. Traduje tu poema porque muchos que leen mi blog no saben espanol. Me fascina tu poema. Espero el dia que podemos amarnos y caminar en la verdad que se libera a todos.

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