“Dios llora por nosotros”

“God cries for us”, was the phrase Jose used as he shared his testimony with a group of street youth.  Jose is 38 years old and started working and living on the streets at age 9.  He now sleeps in the dormitory at night and washes cars to earn a living.  He goes to church on a regular basis and attends night school, working on his high school education.  But Jose’s life was not always so clean…

Driven to the street by abuse at home, Jose started to drink and became a slave to alcohol.  No matter what hour of day, you would find Jose drunk, barely able to carry on a conversation.  This addiction lasted for 28 years.  “Dios llora por nosotros”. God never stopped crying for Jose, he never stopped longing and hoping for Jose, that he would one day turn around and receive his heart, love and freedom.

As I sat and listened to Jose share his testimony and encourage others to open themselves to God and the live he has to offer, I sensed God’s heart for each youth present.  I could feel the delicate tension between God’s tears and God’s hopes for each one.  Some days the tears overwhelm me, but if I dig deep into God’s heart there too I find hope.  Hope to carry on in the journey of walking with street youth, loving them and hoping for them – that they will receive God’s heart and be transformed.


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