Hunger for God

There’s something about Jorge….when he comes knocking on our door and I greet him, I see Jesus.  Maybe it’s his joful smile, his humble stride and the way he has accepted his lot in life with no remorse.  Jorge was abandoned in the market by his Mom when he was 10 years old (he is now 28), has been on the streets for years shining shoes, has been in & out of rehab for his struggle with sniffing glue, and walks with a limp due to the effect of his addiction.  But he knows that God loves him; can say a prayer that leaves you mute; and often speaks scriptural truth that penetrates the heart of everyone in the room.

Jorge came to our Tuesday prayer last week.  At the end of our time together, we share communion.  As I passed the bread to Jorge, rather than tear off a small piece of bread he took the whole piece.  I could not help but smile as I saw the size of Jorge’s bread, the body of Christ, equal in size to his hunger for God.


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