Mud Pies

I have heard preachers make the comment “who wants to settle for making mud pies in the slums when you could have a holiday at sea?”.  Each time I hear it, I want to jump up and yell, “Me! I want to make mud pies!”.  And quite frankly, I think God does too.

There is something powerful & amazing about the sea — reminds me of God’s power & endless love & forgiveness.  But I find & experience something much more profound, liberating & joyful when I stoop down & make mud pies:

  • laughter dances around me
  • joy glistens in people’s eyes
  • the wet dirt breathes life into my hands and soul
  • celebration rises

I’d rather have a lifetime of making mud pies.  Mud pie anyone??

“Only God can make an image of God’s self & God did.  Look in the mirror or look in the slums.”  (Shane Claiborne)


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