Savoring the Crumbs

We live above a bakery – Checha Pan

Once just a place to buy bread, it has become a place of learning, sharing & family

Orky, the owner, has always been friendly:  sells bread with a smile; asks about my girls; genuinely cares about me

And then…

  • she came to the hospital when my daughter was stillborn at 40 weeks – no words just to be with me
  • she attend the funeral & drove my tired body & broken spirit home
  • she baked me my favorite cake for my birthday 3 weeks later, a glimmer of joy amist the tears
  • she tearfully told me she was pregnant with a baby girls shortly after, rejoicing yet mourning with me still

Along the way, God filled me up with love & urged me to enter life with Orky…to love her well, deeply

  • in remembrance & honor of Mayela (my daughter), my family gave Orky some of Mayela’s clothes & infant bath
  • I visited & laughed with Orky as she was on bed rest & just wanted her baby to arrive
  • I was the first friend to hold & kiss Baby Carmen Maria the morning after her birth
  • I go down to the bakery with my 2 girls during the busy hours & take Carmen Maria to my apartment as others look on & wonder why Orky let’s me do that…it’s because we are family she says

 Checha Pan…so much more than a bakery…it is where I savor the crumbs of the bread of life.  It’s a place where I receive & share the bread of life and it tastes oh so good!


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