Falling Apart Together

“How does their ‘falling apart’ speak into your life?”

It surfaces my own brokenness, my own falling apart;

I am a part of their descent, the bits and pieces;

It reminds me that no one is perfect, we are all broken;

It brings tears to my eyes, deep grief swells in my heart;

At times I am overwhelmed and sink deep into the “apartness”, later to arise and grab a hold of hope once again, giving me strength to enter in and fall apart together;

Life is hard; that is why God has given us each other, to be one, with one, for one, united

Their falling apart speaks out loud….

She sat sobbing from the inside out as she said, “I need my Mom.  I need her to get out of jail.  Me hace tanta falta.  I need her help, love, warmth.”  Seconds later, “I can take care of myself.  I don’t need you or your help, leave me alone.”  And my own tears start to flow, to hear her crying heart and refusal that is really a cry to be loved.

Another youth confessed, “I can’t help myself; I keep inhaling paint thinner.”

We asked the youth during our Friday small group time, “If you could sit with one person for an hour. Who would it be and what would you ask?”

  • My Dad.  Do you love me?
  • My Mom.  Why did you leave?
  • My Dad.  Where have you been?

An 8 year old orphan shows up at our house.  His father shined shoes in the park, passed away a year ago.  His mother wants nothing to do with him.  He lives with his Aunt who can no longer care for him because he continuously runs way in the middle of the night in search of his mother.

Their falling apart reminds us of our purpose…why God has sent us out as lambs among wolves; the devouring, blood thirsty wolves who attack, depress, steal…we are here ”to heal the brokenhearted; to set the captives free” in the name and power of Jesus Christ.
Together, our falling apart shared and sanctified, makes us stronger to move forward together.  My falling apart speaks into yours and yours into mine. 

You are God’s beloved, his divine imprint is in you, in each of us – permanent and holy.

This falling apart together brings me to my knees:  Lord, make my presence welcoming, loving, grace-filled.  Anoint me to accompany the broken and lost

“It is when we dine together in brokenness, that we are transformed from a fragmented collection of wounded individuals into an authentic community of the Cross.”   

– Meal From Below, Street Psalms

May we all have the courage and love to enter in, to dine together in brokenness, and there find healing.


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