Perspective – Day #1

Perspective — how you see things.  Street youth don’t get asked their perspective, most assume they don’t have one.  Oh, but the stories they tell when you sit down and listen.  The world through their eyes is amazing, surprising and at times heart wrenching if given a chance to share.  And that is what we are all about this week with the help of our friends from “The Darkroom Project”.    Image

The Darkroom Project is in Xela doing a project with us.  Their mission is “Giving a voice to vulnerable populations and empowering them to tell their story”.  Yesterday Matt did a lesson on perspective.  Each kid was given a frame to play with as they held it close, at arms length and experimented with looking through the “lens” at different angles.  At the end of the lesson, each one was given their disposable camera for the week.  We have chosen 10 youth to participate in the project.  Their homework for tomorrow is to take 5 pictures of their neighborhood.


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