I met a girl today

I’ve seen her before in the park

She came to my door, presented as the girlfriend of a boy I know

Skittish eyes; hair pulled back yet hanging in her face; a mere 17 years of life; small round stomach with child inside

Who’s child it is…not sure she knows

We talk a bit, the 3 of us — family rejection & abandonment present; loneliness & desperation screaming in the silence

This girl, her wounds ooze

Boyfriend sheds tears – his load is heavy

I am undeniably aware of this present divine chance to love – who but God would invite me to love this girl & boy…with the potential, perhaps 100% guarantee, for much hurt & cost

I’ve been hurt much by boyfriend — lies, deceit, theft, addiction

Her eyes look at me pleading for love yet offer nothing in return

The girl from the park has stepped into my life, uninvited – and now she is my neighbor


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